Me, huh?

Obligatory stuff, I guess. Ok. I'm almost 40. I'm a guy. I live in the Great Lakes tier of states, and I come from the middle west. Yes, I'm being vague.

I prefer jeans and easy, rambling, loud dinner conversations to formal dining and fine clothes. Though I can do that if I have to, and once in a while, I might even hide my enjoyment of it and even like the clothes.

I am not a good employee. I like my boss. I'm not a jump thru hoops stay extra late at the job type of guy, unless it's a personal favor or interest. I hope to be free of bosses one day.

I like black and white, but I think understanding grey is more important.

I lean left, politically, and when I stand still. I am right handed.

I spell, but do not type, well.

I prefer downtown to suburbs, and mountains to oceans. Rocks AND water would be nice tho'.

I own many books, and a growing media library of dvd's and tunes, both cd and mp3.

I drive fast, and well. I prefer cooking the same way. But there are times slow counts.

I use a Macintosh 17" flat screen iMac. Do not dis Macs in front of me, please. I will find you, and not in the Daniel Day-Lewis romantic Last of the Mohicans kind of way.

Enough to sate your curiousity for a bit?

If not, use the no-guarantee email link below. It's on every page, or better be.

18 November 2002

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